Ben Rinnes 5 top hill race at Dufftown Highland Games

Dynafit Ultra 100 + Compex SP4

Dufftown is 3h 30min drive from home. That is for us living in Mallaig. This race was my 1st big hill race way back before my 1st Ben Nevis Race.. 8 years ago? I think. 22km and 1500m of elevation is pretty challenging and a good test to find out possible outcome racing the big old Ben Race next month. My personal best is 2h 24min in Ben Rinnes Race 5 tops, Ben Nevis 2h 3min.

My training for many months was focused on strength and stamina over long distances. I am super excited to race here again after 3 years break and to find out where I stand at.

It feels really weird getting ready for this race as I been here many times before. I can’t really explain it because I don’t know how. I know I am ready and I am going to have a great time.

I have my support team with me. They are always there! I promised them I will have a great time and the best run ever.

Ashley, Maiya and Freya will enjoy the fun stuff that the Games will offer on the day. I will do some type 2 fun stuff up the hills. The things we do for fun.. eh? Looking forward to joining them after the race on the bouncy castle!

Post race write up coming up.

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