Pocket Rockets on the West Highland Way

We are all different in shapes and sizes, where we come from, what we eat on a daily basis with different past and present habits. It all shaped us to the people we are today. This is what works for me but it might not work for you. Remember that! You need to practice eating. Sometimes it doesn’t come natural and your body just says NO to certain food types.

I based my whole West Highland Way Nutrition around the Mountain Fuel Sports Nutrition goodies. Did it work? Oh yes it did! Would I change anything? Possible an extra 2 FeelGoodBars as they are super tasty and packed with energy!!!

Down to numbers. I never know how much food I need on a run like this. But I made a formula that might be handy for some people.

Take the number of km or miles you ran in a race and divide it by the amount of gels you ate by the time you finished. This will give you an average km or mile average for each food intake. Here you go!

Next time when you are running further or shorter just divide that average distance by the total distance and you will have the number of gels you need. I always add 2-4 extra as ’emergency’. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. (quote from my dad-in-law Allan MacDonald).

It looks like this. Examples

Great Glen Way distance divided by the gel numbers = avg distance

117km / 15gels = 7.8km average per gel

West Highland Way distance divided by 8 (roud it up) = gel number

154km / 8 = 19.25 gels for the whole route

Numbers for the West Highland Way

Water 8L+

Hydrogel Sports Jelly – 6/7

Ultra Chia Gels – 5/6

Natural Jelly Plus 30g carb with 50mg caffeine – 3/3

Natural Jelly Plus 30g carb – 6/6

FeelGoodBar – 1/1

Xtreme Raw Energy Fuel – 1/1

Used 20 Gels/Jellies out of 22 total.

Was there a strategy to take the gels?

To some extent Yes. I was keeping the Natural Jelly Plus with 50mg caffeine for long climbs. For example Conic Hill, Climb out of Bridge of Orchy and Devils Staircase.

I feel that the Ultra Chia Gels are a good ‘meal’ substitute as they have more to them. My stomach feels nice after eating them and the energy lasts longer.

FeelGoodBar was used climbing out of Tyndrum to put some solid food into my system. For the future I will definitely have 3 or 4 of them as I found it was very beneficial to have some solid food in the stomach.

Xtreme Raw Energy Fuel was being mixed with water. 1/4 a sachet per 500ml.

Did it all worked as I hoped?

Absolutely! I exercise daily with Mountain Fuel Sports Nutrition, and practice my strategies to get used to it. It always does the job!

About Mountain Fuel Sports Nutrition with me.

I started using MFSN in 2021 and never looked back. They are with my on every long or short run in any conditions. I know I can count on them.

I had them on my Paddy Buckley Round, Bob Graham Round, 2x Great Glen Way FKTs, 2x The LAP Race and recently on WHW.

They are the bomb! And did I mention they are Vegan and Gluten Free!?

Visit their website if you like to know more about their range.

Mountainf Fuel Sports Nutrition

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