Ian Ferguson

2 days after the West Highland Way my body is feeling the distance and the terrain it went through. Ankles are sore, for some reason my back is sore as well, this never happened before. My lower ribs on both sides are bashed up and feel bruised while there is no visible bruising.

I am feeling pretty good! Just the standard pains with few extra to consider for the future. I am really surprised that my quads and calves survived the pounding as walking up and down the stairs doesn’t give me any pain. Which means body was prepared.

I am considering to be a bit dehydrated and need to refuel on electrolytes to get back to normal.

I sleep really good which is a massive bonus! Remember your body is recoverying during your sleep so it is very inportant to get the appropriate time of sleep DAILY!

I am thinking about going super easy for a week which means nothing physical. If all the pain dissapears by the end of the week I will resume training. I have a race coming up in 2 weeks!

My body is getting the appropriate amount of vitamins and supplements pre and post workouts daily, so recovery seems to be much faster than normal! About this, maybe in a different post some time in the future.

Photo credits go to Ian Ferguson.

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