The LAP Race 2022 – 2nd

The LAP Race is a 74km long race with 2500m of elevation around the biggest lake in England, Lake Windermere.

It starts at the YMCA camp side South and follows the trails up north, clockwise around the lake.

I was training very hard for this day since the start of the year. The ultimate goal is to break the course record which sits at 7h 00min 18s. So how did it go?

We arrived at the LAP race HQ the evening before. It was a long 8h drive with kids from the Highlands to the Lakes. I set up our camp which took additional 1h. I was truly exhausted but excited to see everyone!

Registration went quick and we were ready to go.

The day went by very peaceful but full of excitement and new experiences for the kids. This was the first time that little Freya went camping and was super excited which led to her falling asleep later than expected. She kept waking up through the night and finally fell asleep. I couldn’t sleep and decided to go for a walk. The flags were illuminated and looked amazing in the dark. After around 20 minutes i got back to the tent and tried to sleep. Sadly I managed to close my eyes for 30min and Freya woke up hearing the owl that was sitting above our tent in the trees. After settling her again she fell asleep.

5 am was my wake up alarm. I slept for total of 3h.. I knew there is a hard shift ahead of me.