Bob Graham Round, the Paddy Buckley Round and the Charlie Ramsay Round are known to mountain runners as three of the most difficult 24-hour challenges in the world. Each Round is a long distance classic.

All together on the ‘mainland’ the ‘Big 3’ take in 113 mountain summits (including the highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland), more than 25,000m (83,000ft) of ascent and nearly 300km (183 miles) across three of Britain’s most distinct mountain ranges – the Lake District National Park in England, the Snowdonia National Park in Wales and a big area of Lochaber in the highlands of Scotland.

Me with my mum and sister at the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel

Chapter 1 Charlie Ramsay Round – Lochaber, Scotland

8803m (28879ft) of ascent over 92.83km (57.6 miles), 23 Munros and 1 subsidiary top.

Andy, me, Barnie, Ross, Richard, Tom

Chapter 2 Paddy Buckley Round – Snowdonia, Wales

8700m (28,750ft) of ascent over 100.5km (62.43) miles and 47 tops.

Keswick, Moot hall

Chapter 3 Bob Graham Round – the Lake District, England

8163m (26,778ft) of ascent over 98.78km (61.37 miles) and 42 tops


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