The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you’ve come.

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About Me

I’m a husband to an incredible wife and a proud father of 2 beautiful girls. We live in Mallaig on the West coast of the Scottish Highlands in Lochaber, where I am a Harvest Technician in Mallaig Harvest Station – MOWI. In whatever time is left I run, explore, look after our children, house and the garden growing vegetables.

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Coaching Section


3d 14h 49min 19s

Cape Wrath Trail Unsupported FKT Write Up

Episode 27 Cape Wrath Trail Record Unsupported with Pawel Cymbalista – Go Mountain Goats

Cape Wrath Trail – The Toughest Long Distance Hike In Great Britain

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First Polish to complete the UK Big 3 fell running rounds with a bonus of all under 24h and in less than a year with numerous FKTs. Setting 4 Fastest Known Times on 4 hiking routes to Fort William (The Highland 4). The biggest achievement so far is scaling the highest mountain in UK Ben Nevis 7 times in under 24h breaking a 15 year old record.

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I am an ultra running harvest technitian father of two girls with former bad habits. On this website you will mostly find adventure, race reports, training data and food recipes with more to come.

For more background information on me visit the About Me page. If you would like to get in touch about training, Charlie Ramsay Round support, races I should do or any other questions feel free to comment on any post contact me directly through my email, connect with me on social media using the links below.

Currently I’m on the Dynafit Running Team, work at MOWI Salmon, supported by Mountain Fuel Sports Nutrition and TEKO eco-performance socks.


Pawel Cymbalista
Running and Athletics Coach
Lochaber Athletic Club

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