CWT – so far so good

26.03.23 – Sunday morning

And just like that we are 10 days away from the day I set off on the Cape Wrath Trail.

A lot has been happening. I will try to list it all below.

1. All food ordered, waiting for one more box of my main calorie intake for the CWT.

2. Open Tracking tracker ordered and I already have the link with my route on it! Exciting…

3. Finishing upgrading my/Brad’s backpack to make it suitable for the CWT. I will post a picture later. Just a hint.. I really needed more pockets in front, so that’s almost sorted.

4. Good chat with nutritionist, survivalist from Resilient Nutrition that confirmed my calorie numbers for max 4 days being out on the trail.

5. Ferries booked, weather not really as it keeps changing all the time. Nothing too drastic. I know I will not get away with it without getting wet so I’m already prepared for a wet one..

6. Kit list is sorted and nicely written down. Only thing is to pack it up. 10-11kg at the start. Pretty good!

7. There is no shooting at the shooting range at Cape Wrath so I will be allowed acces once I get there!

8. Massive support from the Polish community in the area helped me get everything organised. Thank you so much team!

9. I upgraded my watch to Coros Vertix 2, purely for the battery life (140h in GPS mode). So one device will be less on my mind to be charged. Only thing to charge on the go will be my head torch which is perfect.

10. Taper week (12 days started) faster than normal. As I ran 1200km (800miles) in the last 3 months with a massive elevation in each month. Basically triple Cape Wrath Trail distance and height. Hopefully this will be enough!

So far so good.

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