Training on the Cape Wrath Trail

Last post was over 2 weeks ago. Time to give you all a proper update.

A lot was happening in training and kit preparation. It will still go on for a while untill I get all my ideas together and put into work.

Please consider donating to this charity I’m running the Cape Wrath Trail for. This expedition is for my late dad Wacław who suddenly passed away last year before Christmas and for a local charity Lochaber Hope. Please support us.

The fundraiser link is available here:


Mileage and vertical height is at its best. The training load is high and my resting heart rate is at its highest ever. This week I completed a 100mile (161km), 16000ft ( 5000m) vertical training session. My body held up nice and I am feeling great to go out for a run but I will have a rest day. It was meant to be a 75mile (120km) week went other way. The good way.


This week I was lucky to complete 2 reccy runs of the Cape Wrath Trail.

A 26miles (41km) run from Glenfinnan through Cona Glen to Loch Linnhe and back with a half kit pack.

A 36mile (57km) run from Glenfinnan to Barrisdale Bay and then to Inverie to catch the boat back home with a 70% full backpack.

All went really well. I learned a lot, I made up my mind on most of the stuff I need and don’t need. Navigation is good and I am really happy with this.

I don’t think I will be doing any more reccy runs of the route as there is to much travel involved and I am too busy to just go and run again for a day.


A massive thank you goes to Mountain Fuel Sport Nutrition. for supporting me in the upcoming challenge.

Thank you to Teko Eco-Socks for the support.

Grab your pair of socks with a discount using this code: TEKOPAWEL


I had a great few hours of map studying with Kevin Woods and Brad Cain. Route choice is very important and I am sticking to the plan as it should be for the FKT. Thanks guys for the support!

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