I try to eat clean, changing my habits every day. I came a long way from beers, cans of coke and kebabs with chips from the midnight chippy to beautifuly cooked salmon or mackerel, sweet potatoes and water with lemon as my drink of choice. I still fight my demons craving the super tasty food from my past, sometimes it wins.. But now it happens less frequent. I know that my body needs high octane clean food to work on the highest level. Changing my food habits changed my life!


This is the topic that comes back to me on a daily basis. I separate it into 3 categories: Daily nutrition, Training Nutrition and Race Nutrition.

I will try to keep it easy and simple!
Daily nutrition means to me a lot. I eat what makes me feel good and I learned a lot about my body and how it feels after certain foods. I completely cut out pork, beef and lamb out of my diet. I minimised chicken meat intake. My go to protein intake is fish, seafood, beans, cheese and nuts. And I absolutely love it! Carbs come from eating full grain bread or wraps, preferably home baked. I try to avoid white bread which is highly processed. Fruit and veg is eating in our household on a daily basis and we encourage it a lot!

Training nutrition will be the same as my Race nutrition. And this is a very important part of training. You train your body to eat, train your body to get used to the food to prevent throwing up half way through a half marathon because the oat bar made you choke and you almost died trying to swallow it.. This is just an example.

My go to training and racing food is Mountain Fuel Sports Nutrition. Their gels are super tasty, refreshing and easy on your stomach. We call them ‘Pocket Rockets’ because they are packed with lots of energy and will definitely deliver the energy needed to perform on the highest level.

Another thing I always have with me is baby food pouches (fruit pouches are very tasty and refreshing) and a savoury alternative on very long runs like chicken casserole with rice or sweet potato.

To be honest, my diet changes with the season. I have my staples but I strive for perfection and I am always seeking a better way to deliver what my body needs.

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