5 Days till West Highland Way

The training is done. The hardest part about preparing for a big run is the resting period. It’s never easy. My head is spinning asking constant questions. Did I put enough training into this? Were the sessions appropriate to the challenge I am about to do? What is the weather going to be like? Is it going to be busy on the path? Like I said my head is spinning.

5 days to go! I will try my best to relax and enjoy these days fully with the family. Maybe catching up on some chores and working on our garden!

I bought my train ticket to Glasgow today. The train man asked if I need a return. He started laughing when I told him that won’t be necessary as I am going one way and running back. It saves me money I joked. I don’t remember seeing anyone laughing so hard. He added that there won’t be any excuses for me if I get stranded on a train station in the future… I sorted out my navigation and read lots of route reports trying to memorise langscape photos of the route at the same time.

Only thing is left is to pack my food and kit.

More on that once I get it sorted.

Time to get some sleep. I will need it…

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