Cape Wrath Trail

What’s next?!
Can’t sit for too long.. training is going well. I feel the fittest I have ever been right now and working smart to improve even more.
Family and friend are on board supporting this crazy idea.

The Toughest Long Distance Hike in Britain

Distance: 230miles (370km)
Elevation: 39000ft (12000m)

Supported record stands at 3 days 23h 45min 19s.
So far there is no information on anyone completing the route unsupported. Which means I will be carrying everything I need from start to finish.

Goal is to finish.
To be the first to complete it unsupported.
But, I wouldn’t be myself If I wouldn’t try to go further than that.
Second goal is to beat the current Supported/Overall fastest known time for the Cape Wrath Trail mentioned above.

Proposed date around the 5.04.23 – Pink Full Moon on the 06.04.23

Training started last year, tacking the classic routes to Fort William creating The Highland 4.
Doing the event as a charity expedition for Lochaber Hope and in memory of my dad who passed away last year before Christmas.
I will have a tracker to follow my progress and for safety.
There is a plan to film the whole expedition (the film crew will keep their distance from me 😅) More details to come.

You can visit my website for more info, coaching advice.
Fire any questions in the comments below. 🔥

My Mountain Lab Coaching 💪

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